18 February, 2010

Las Vegas. I’m finishing up a two week road trip through the west. I’ve got seven unposted shoots in the can, and I’m looking forward to some serious computer time to catch up on my backlog. Since the holidays I’ve photographed a brewer, a letter press printer, a furniture maker, a bread baker, a coffee roaster, an espresso machine purveyor, and a shoe shine man. With my one-on-one approach to documenting these fine tradesmen, I continue to be inspired by the character of this country’s workers. I’m primed to roll out the third phase of The Journeyman Project – for the sake of these dedicated individuals and for the benefit of all Americans at work in this economically challenging time.

Today was spent at RC Farms, in the good graces of Bob Combs and his lovely wife Janet, who you just might remember from a classic episode of Dirty Jobs. Bob’s a pig farmer, you see, and he’s got more than one angle on utilizing the food waste that rolls off the many buffet lines up and down the Las Vegas Strip. It was the third time I’ve photographed Bob, and he’s getting better (and more charming!) every year.

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  1. Kathy Zang says:

    I am looking forward to you being able to catch up so I can catch up with your latest. Bob Combs is one of my favorite people, although I only know him through your lens, and Doug’s.

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