Happy New Year!

Taos, New Mexico. I’ve been home for the past two weeks.  This is the first time my family’s visited Taos for the holidays, so it was a busy period of catch-up, skiing, hiking, and general merry-making.  It was nice taking time off from work, though I still have another great shoot from Columbus, Ohio to post: Pipe Organ tuner Scott Gorsuch from Bunn=Minnick Pipe Organs.

To all those who’ve emailed me feedback on the launch of the blog, a heartfelt Thank You!  I’m looking forward to version 2, which will roll this project out to the world at large.  Please continue to be involved!

Here’s to a continued economic recovery, and a prosperous 2011 for you and yours.

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5 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. C. Weed says:

    Hi Troy,
    I just ran across your website, & I love it! I love the awesome stories & amazing pics. I’m a sucker for both! Trades are a great storyline too! I look forward to reading more of these inspiring stories! Keep up the great work!
    love your pics!

  2. Hi Troy,
    Nice to hear from you yesterday. I thought I’d post a brief “hello” for now. I think you are on to something. I’m in the middle of my day right now. I will look forward to reading the stories you have written when I have a little more time and giving you some more detailed feedback. Your photos look really great! As I mentioned , I have been in somewhat of a lull workwise at the moment. Hopefully something might come up before too long which would be worth you taking a look at. Alternately I may just have to design another spec piece which might have some interest for you as far as a photo shoot. Best wishes, Peter

    • troypaff says:

      Hi Peter~ Let me know as soon as you have have a project to photograph. I think your craft as a furniture designer and woodworker is absolutely appropriate to the Journeyman Project, and a lot of people would find your work captivating.

  3. ravenegoe says:

    You’ve been working on the layout and design flow. Nice, Troy. Beautiful photos, by the way. What an eye. I’m keeping my own eye on this; it’s progressing nicely.

  4. Cleo says:

    I look forward to seeing what 2011 brings your way and to us through your blog. Cheers!

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