30 October 2010

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Fort Collins, CO. Today I make the break. I hit the road, finally. The majority of the past two weeks has been spent readying my modest home for Christmas guests, emptying one room into another to claim precious sleeping space.

The fixer-upper I call home has been in need of such work since the day I moved in. Eight years is too long to not have the place entirely livable; having it so, suddenly, is strange. I haven’t had the opportunity to reflect on the progress of late. Now that I’m underway on this photo essay project, I find myself suddenly provided with time to reflect, time behind the wheel en route to Colorado. It is good to have this time to digest some things. It is also time to become aware that there is much about this project I have yet to resolve. What WordPress template should I start with? How much video should I strive to shoot? Should I interview my subjects with live audio, or take notes like a journalist? As a one-man show, there’s much to consider. I reason this: Better to start simply, and grow into whatever refinement seems necessary and relevant, than to take on too much at first.

I arrive in Fort Collins delayed, too late to meet out, and head straight to friends Marty and Marlaina’s house. Their six year old son, Keegan, has been given permission to stay up to greet me. We spend a half an hour catching up, discussing work and the Journeyman Project, and after a long week for all, retire for the night.

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